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The Invention of the AeroPress

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The truly fascinating story behind the AeroPress and the man behind it (Adam Adler), who also invented the Aerobie frisbee. He says that when he dies, he wants to donate his decades of inventor notebooks to the Stanford library.

FWIW, my morning cup of coffee has been made in an AeroPress for months now, and it's the best tasting cup of coffee I've ever enjoyed. I'd highly recommend trying one out if you're curious.

His office is around the corner from me in Palo Alto.

Okay, so what does making frisbees have to do with making coffee?

Besides expertise with the plastic emulsion industry, in this case, I think the common threads were basic entrepreneurism themes like persistence, productization, innovation, etc. I think your question, "What does making frisbees have to do with making coffee," is exactly part of why this is such an interesting story. It's one of those fun Freakonomics-esque questions that you peel back a few layers and discover some of those universal themes from business/life.

And you should totally go by his office and invite him out to throw frisbee ;)

I wonder if he still throws frisbees.

I see your point about a founder following his passion. It is a good story.

We could ask how Elon Musk went from PayPal to solar power, electric cars, and rockets, too.

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