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How debates always end when I talk to girls: "Your arguments are invalid: we have boobs."

your arguments are invalid we have boobs gif How debates always end when I talk to girls Imgur

Source: Bravest Warriors - Season 1 "Lost Episode"


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Girls don't have boobs. WOMEN do.

Bravest Warriors is adorable!

And stashing high quality gifs works well now!

On the Internet "woman" word seems to disturb people, "girl" is more widely used.

Yeah a woman friend made me discovered it this weekend, very funny series!

Yep looks like my gifs don't bug anymore. : )

On Imgur they often use the word girl, to your point.

Bravest Warriors is funny! Thank you for sharing it.

And we're all happy that gifs don't bug anymore. Now to work on the next thing...

Tried to submit to the subreddit, felt in the anti spam bin again. I'm tired of reddit, very simple things get complicated and annoying.

Go make direct sub to pandawhale!

Direct sub?

I didn't realize that /r/highqualitygifs has an anti-spam bin!

It might just be in the mod queue?

Well I don't think so because ones that got posted after me appeared already.

It's anti-spam robot, it's often a problem on reddit, it's the x*10³ time I fall on it, the procedure is usually to tell the mod so they can unblock it, but I have enough with the constraints of reddit, seriously, I'm just posting a gif, I don't want to spend hours everytime to make sure it will appear.

I'm gonna stay with imgur and pandawhale, or pandwhale only if you add direct uploading here.

You're right, it's a problem with Reddit.

I think we have direct loading -- it's the upload button on the right when you're making a new comment.

Or did you need more than that?


It's the first time I notice it. ^_^

I dunno why I  convinced myself that it was only possible to stash stuff from another website and not to upload them from here!

beautiful coronagraph diffraction figure imgur

So my first directly uploaded image on Pw will be that beautifully failed coronagraph diffraction figure.

It's beautiful, Oce!

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