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What would it cost Game of Thrones to play a live cello?

Let’s use some imagination here! Nobody seems to be complaining about the added Foley sound effects, the computer graphics of the title sequence or the use of CGI for many visual effects. So what if the main instrument in the Game of Thrones title music doesn’t sound like an echt spruce-and-maple cello. Then simply PRETEND its some other sort of instrument, one that sounds like what it sounds like, not some invention of late-Renaissance Europe. After all, the series is a quasi-medieval FANTASY . . . with DRAGONS! Besides, I don’t recall any mention of a cello, much less and orchestra (digital or otherwise) in the original books. My beef with the title music is not its perceived orchestration. I loath its non-fantasy-evoking, rhythmically square banality.

timonwapenaar says:

Me too. What it’s really crying out for is accordion.


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HBO claims they use a real cello.

My favorite sounds are the cello and kettle drums that accompany Daenerys' seiges.

I'm with you. I always watch the title sequence because I enjoy the music and animation.

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