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How Google Screwed Up Google Glass

How Google Screwed Up Google Glass


Yes, screw it up. Since first announcing the product in 2012, Google Glass has been subject to ridicule and even violence. It’s become a symbol of the anti-tech, anti-Silicon Valley crowd. Surveys like this onedemonstrate the American public’s general dislike and distrust of Google Glass. The product has not yet spawned an industry. It has not generated revenues for Google. It’s become a frequent joke on late night TV and a target for bloggers and comedians around the country. The world “glasshole” has now risen to the same prominence as “selfie” and “twerk.” Yes, it’s getting attention. But only as a creepy gimmick which, I’m sure, is not the kind of attention that Google intended when they initially introduced it. As cool as it is, let’s admit that Google Glass will go down in the annals of bad product launches.

1) No one is sure if it was even launched. 

2) It’s designed poorly.

3) The timing could not have been worse. 

4) The price is way too high. 

5) The wrong market was chosen

Finally, no one really “gets” it. 

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...which is an interesting contrast to Oculus Rift -- which people get and WANT.

In the meantime, I'm reluctant to call Google Glass dead. I'm sure they've learned a lot from it.

Plus, it could serve as product inspiration for future Google products.