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Tywin Magic Trick gif

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From Game of Thrones S4E3 -- top Reddit comment:

"And for my next trick, I'm going to need yet another illegitimate prince to rule through! Do I have a volunteer? ... and no Cersei that wasn't a question, I run that fucking child now."

Imgur top comment: "Key to being a good leader/king: MAGIC"

Too soon?

dead Joffrey deal with it gif Imgur

I couldn't find one of these for the purple wedding.

billy idol red wedding gif Imgur Game of Thrones meme

It's a nice day to Stark again.

Sorry, Joffrey.

choked up Joffrey meme did you just because I literally cant even Imgur Joffrey is 900% done with this website

At least Jack Gleeson is a good sport.

jack gleeson thank you for taking so much love and hating me gif Imgur king joffrey actor

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