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Get a Raise: 10 Steps for Getting Your Boss to Think You’re the Best |

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#1 is spot-on:

1) Take 100% responsibility for the relationship.

Don’t expect your boss to change. You adapt to them; they’re not going to adapt to you.

If there’s a problem between you two, you need to fix it. Always.

In Managing for the Future business guru Pete Drucker explains:

The subordinate’s job is not to reform the boss, not to reeducate the boss, not to make the boss confirm to what the business schools and the management books say bosses should be like… Does this individual need the information to be there when he gets to the office in the morning, or does this boss (as do a good many operating people) want it at the end of the day, say around 3:30 on Friday afternoon?

But that's just getting started!

Here's 9 other great tips:

The biggest thing that prevents people from moving forward in their career is not accomplishment, it’s attitude.

And nobody likes a complainer. Companies pick attitude over hard work every day of the week.

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