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Get ready for triple-jump madness

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This is my favorite track and field event because it is SO NUTBALLS. Dude can jump like the length of a swimming pool without breaking his ankles.

Two historical factoids that surprised me:

* Triple jump is one of the oldest Olympic events. There are accounts of a triple jump at the ancient Greek Olympics, and certainly it was one of the events in the first modern Olympiad in 1896.

* Women's triple jump only became an Olympic sport in 1996.

Are there any great triple jumpers to watch for in the London Olympics 2012?

My favorite factoid about the triple jump is the World Record holder also has a degree in physics!

You're referring to Jonathan Edwards.

He inspired female record holder Inessa Kravets, who studied pictures of him jumping.

The world record of 18.29 meters has stood since 1995.

I did triple jump in college! It is a very weird sport, but one that long legs makes a lot easier.

I was watching the triple jump tonight and I wonder how you train for it?

I mean, other than practice the triple jump. Jump rope?

Lots of plyometrics. Weight lifting. Sprints. A large part of triple jump is how fast you can run. The more momentum you have going into the jump, the farther you will go. I don't think we did any jump roping!

That makes a lot of sense now that you said it.

You don't get better at triple jump by jumping. You get better at it by running.

Funny thing about running faster. You only run faster, by running faster. (Versus running farther or for a longer duration.)

So you get better at running faster by practicing running faster?

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