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Google: Bay Area consumers replacing store trips with same-day delivery

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Google ShopX knows what you need, Bay Area peoples!

"Every day Google Shopping Express delivers enough cat food to feed 1500 cats."

This number seems small. I guess there's a lot of room to grow!

This infographic makes me wonder about sample size.

I mean, are enough people using Google Shopping Express that the most popular item in each city is statistically significant?

Or is it a testament to how much Google Shopping Express is used that every city has different most popular items?

Amazon just expanded its same day delivery (suggesting a near future focus on fresh food) in San Fran and a few other cities (and dropping Las Vegas) so market share biz strategy.

It's amazing they can make money in this business. Should UPS be scared?

I also wonder how much toilet paper it takes to stretch from San Francisco to New York.

2908 miles from SF to NYC...187 ft of TP per roll...~82,109 rolls of 2ply TP

heh heh road trip!

82k rolls sounds like a lot to sell via this method to the Bay Area. Wow.

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