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Enji Night Supergirl dance Chloe Moretz Kick-Ass 2 Carry You scene mashup combined gif


Thank you Limeberry for making this combined mashup gif.

Enji Night Supergirl dance Chloe Moretz hot Kick-Ass 2 carry you scene slumber party mashup combined gif Imgur

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Chloe Moretz in Kickass 2 slumber party is at 25:00.

What are the girls watching?

chloe moretz hot kick-ass 2 carry you scene slumber party gif Imgur

The gif above is from Kick Ass 2 when Hit Girl, due to a lifetime of fighting crime, sees a boy band video for the first time. 

The video is "Carry You" by Union J, shown to her at the insistence of her new friends and it turns her on. Not knowing what is happening to her she asks "What was that?" to which one of friends replies "I know right?"

Video of the scene from movie - Not Safe For Work due to language:

Full boyband video:

The other half of the mashup combined gif is Enji Night Supergirl dancing:

Just Enji Night SuperGirl Happy dancing gif:

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