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Apple and their hot dog buns

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Remember when hot dogs came in 10 packs, but buns only came in 8 packs? That's what I feel like with Apple. All their devices come in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, but their storage comes in 5GB increments. What the heck?

I was downloading Infinity Blade II content pack #3, and while I had 2.7 Gig of free space on the iphone, it kept complaining I needed more space and wanted me to change my icloud settings. That doesn't really make any sense to me.

Beautiful analogy.

I still haven't enabled iCloud. Is the product otherwise good?

Well, it doesn't really work with my configuration. They assume you have an email address as your main contact. I typically only use it for finding my iphone, in case I ever have to remote wipe it, and synching my contacts--though they mainly sync calendar and contacts to Outlook--which I don't use either.

It works great for music--sometimes. ishare (I think it's called) is pretty cool.

That's what I figured, thank you for confirming Greg!

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