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Hacking Super Mario Brothers to Play Unseen Wolrds

Through the Warp Zone Emily St


Success! I can hack the warp table and go to any world I want from the first warp zone. This has possibilities!

I realized I could then edit 08 03 02 to be anything I wanted, including the Minus World (24 03 02). But even more, I can put in numbers to worlds nobody has ever seen. I wanted to see world nine and play it, so I put in 09 03 02.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 11.41.38Haha, world nine, as it turns out, is ridiculous. You can actually swim through the world all the way to the end. It’s kind of wild. I tried several other worlds, most of which were alphabetical. Each one is different and broken in its own way.

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Wow, it's like unlocking the Mario multiverse!

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