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Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors, with a young Japanese Girl

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Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors (Jan-Ken) with a young Japanese girl on the Shinkansen between Kyoto and Shin-Osaka.

Favorite Reddit comment:

Final score: West 2 - 3 East.

...but the real winner here is humanity.

EDIT: Final Score (recount)West 4 - 1 East.

...there is no joy left in this dark world.

Rock, paper, scissors is an international language everyone knows.

The swedish version is actually called rock, scissor, bag. I guess something got lost in translation.

In japanese it's called Jan Ken Pon.

In Australia it's not rock, paper, scissors - it's scissors, paper, rock.

No, it's sɹossıɔs 'ɹədɐd 'ʞɔoɹ ...

In England it's Shears, Parchment, Stones.

In Germany it's Stein, Schere, Papier. 

Scissors paper stone for Singapore.

In Italy it's carta, forbici, pietra. 

In Thailand it's กระดาษกรรไกรหิน. 

In Turkey it's taş, makas, kağıt. 

In France it's papier, de ciseaux, de pierre.

In Belgium, it's "blad, steen, schaar" (paper, rock, scissors).

Apel, pedra, tesoura (paper, rock, scissors) in Portuguese.

In Korea it's gawee, bawee, bo.

Ro, sham, bo is Chinese in origin.

You cant have Japanese Rock Paper Scissors without Nichijou!

This rock paper scissors game is disturbing at 1:46 ...

Let's go back to Nichijou:

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