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chart history of bank merges

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37 banks in 1990 are four banks today. So full of fail.

Agree, monopolies are bad for the citizens.

Especially in banking.

Banks get to borrow money practically for free from the Fed.

And then they get to decide which of us get to have loans?

It's a fundamentally unfair system made worse by concentration of power.

This chart doesn't even show all the banks that were swallowed up by other banks, maybe just shows the ones that "merged"?

Yeah, these are just the big ones.

Well, and the worst feeling is: THERE ARE ONLY 4 MAIN BANKS LEFT?!

Pretty sad, so much for choice that capitalism promised, maybe we should just go down to one choice the government, they might actually be kinder and fairer to us than these last 4.

Yes. We call what we have now the illusion of choice.

Here's another example:

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