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Reddit grows from 25 to 50 subreddits.

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To save this post, select a stash from drop-down menu or type in a new one:

Here are the new default 50:

/r/announcements /r/Art /r/AskReddit /r/askscience /r/aww /r/blog /r/books /r/creepy /r/dataisbeautiful /r/DIY /r/Documentaries /r/EarthPorn /r/explainlikeimfive /r/Fitness /r/food /r/funny /r/Futurology /r/gadgets /r/gaming /r/GetMotivated /r/gifs /r/history /r/IAmA /r/InternetIsBeautiful /r/Jokes /r/LifeProTips /r/listentothis /r/mildlyinteresting /r/movies /r/Music /r/news /r/nosleep /r/nottheonion /r/oldschoolcool /r/personalfinance /r/philosophy /r/photoshopbattles /r/pics /r/science /r/Showerthoughts /r/space /r/sports /r/television /r/tifu /r/todayilearned /r/TwoXChromosomes /r/UpliftingNews /r/videos /r/worldnews /r/writingprompts I fit just so!

Check out this multireddit to see what the frontpage looks like now.

It's a lot of extra work for Reddit moderators to deal with the noobs, the trolls, and the spammers.

That's why many subreddits don't want to be default subreddits.

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