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True Value: Breaking Down Kevin Durant’s Past, Present, and Future

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It’s this blend of freakish volume and efficiency that makes Durant the best shooter in the world. His ability to create good shots near the basket, in the midrange, and beyond the arc is second to none. Durant accrued more unassisted field goals this year than players like Kemba Walker and Tim Duncan had total field goals.

This from-scratch creativity deodorizes some of the shortcomings of his team’s offense. Over the last seven seasons, his handle has become one of the best in the league, one that is truly unprecedented for a player of his height. The end result is a team-first player with an all-world jumper, slick ballhandling, and top-notch basketball instinct. If you were going to build a modern basketball player in a lab, he’d come out looking a lot like Kevin Durant.

Durant is the most valuable player, but scoring isn’t the only thing of value about him. His ability to create shots for his teammates also deserves some attention. Durant led his team in total assists this season with 445. Russell Westbrook averaged more assists per game than Durant, but Westbrook also missed long stretches of games, and Durant’s ability to slide into a greater playmaking role during those periods was a key to his team’s success.

He was great in his rookie year, but it's amazing how much better he has gottenn since then!


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