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Sarah Sze on the Creative Process - WSJ

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This passage that Sarah Sze wrote moved me:

"In the creative process, obsession changes linear time. You become entirely engrossed: Time becomes lost, elastic, and things shift and glide in ways that we don't usually experience in the world. It's not only when you're creating but also when you're experiencing art, like a piece of music you're obsessed with. That's why people become addicted to the creative process. This kind of obsession has nothing to do with anxiety and in many ways is a relief from anxiety. When I start to dream about a piece of art I'm working on, that's when I know I'm in the middle of an interesting process. I've lately become sort of obsessed by Chris Marker's movie La Jetée. It's about a person who's obsessed with an image of his past, and because he's so obsessed, people can use him as a tool for time travel. I love this idea that obsession liberates you from linear time and allows you to become a vehicle for something else."

—Sze is an artist who creates sculptures and site-specific installations.

The phrase "obsession liberates you from linear time" really sticks with me.

Obsession liberates you from linear time.

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