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HighQualityGifs subreddit: list of high quality gif movie albums with Films in Alphabetical Order

RDJ Tropic Thunder gif Imgur I get excited about my gifs, man Imgur

Thank you Crow_ for making this gif.

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Jerology made this list on May 6, 2014:

This is a list of film albums in alphabetical order. Each album has the author/creator next to it. If you are a giffer who posts regularly here please post in the comments below and I will add your albums with your name next to them. Even if you see an album already made I will still add it to the list!

The idea of this post is to index all of the film albums for easy finding and also so other giffers know which films have been done or need to be done :) Also I thought our regular subs and fans would like this!

If you find an error, please let me know!

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12 Angry Men - Elfa82

200 Cigarettes - Jerology

After Earth - Jerology

Almost Famous - Elfa82

American Beauty - Jerology

American Pie - Jerology NSFW

Anchorman - BigMurph26

Animal House - Elfa82

Army of Darkness - DrRhymes

Austin Powers - matt01ss

Bachelor Party - Jerology NSFW

Back to the Future - DrRhymes

Bad Grandpa - matt01ss

Batman - Jerology

Big Daddy - Elfa82

Billy Madison - Elfa82

Blade Runner - BigMurph26

Black Snake Moan - Elfa82

Burn After Reading - BigMurph26

Canadian Bacon - Elfa82

Clerks - Elfa82

Constantine - Badmonkey0001

Con Air - BigMurph26

Dawn of the Dead - DrRhymes

Detroit Rock City - Elfa82

Donnie Darko - BigMurph26

Ender's Game - BigMurph26

Escape Plan - Jerology

Expendables 2 - Jerology

Falling Down - Elfa82

Forgetting Sarah Marshall - Elfa82

Friday - Elfa82

Groundhog Day - BigMurph26

Grudge Match - Jerology

Hook - BigMurph26

Idle Hands - Elfa82

In Bruges - BigMurph26

Jurassic Park - Jerology

Kentucky Fried Movie - Badmonkey0001 NSFW

Kentucky Fried Movie - Badmoneky0001

Labyrinth - BigMurph26

Little Nicky - Elfa82

Looper - Jerology

Lord of The Rings - BigMurph26

MacGruber - BigMurph26

Major League - Elfa82

Mallrats - Elfa82 NSFW

Mallrats - Elfa82

Mission: Impossible - BigMurph26

Moonstruck - Elfa82

Money Pit - Jerology

Mortal Combat - BigMurph26

My Cousin Vinny - matt01ss

No Country For Old Men - BigMurph26

Oldschool - Elfa82

Once Upon A Time In Mexico - BigMurph

Paul - BigMurph26

Pirates of the Caribbean - DrRhymes

Pompeii - Jerology

Predator - Jerology

Puss in Boots - Jerology

Rise of the Guardians - Elfa82

Robin Hood: Men in Tights - Elfa82

Robocop (2014) - Jerology

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - DrRhymes

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World - Jerology

Shaun of The Dead - DrRhymes

Sherlock Holmes - Jerology

Slap Shot - Elfa82

Sword in The Stone - DrRhymes

Tangled - DrRhymes

Tango & Cash - matt01ss

Tarzan - DrRhymes

Terminator 2: Judgement Day - Elfa82

The 40 Year Old Virgin - Elfa82

The Departed - Elfa82

The Family - Elfa82

The Fifth Element - Ishnuporah

The Godfather

The Green Mile - Jerology

The Internship -Elfa82

The Nutty Professor - Jerology

The Nut Job - Jerology

The Other Guys - BigMurph26

The Princess Bride - Elfa82

The Quick & The Dead - Elfa82

The Rescuers Down Under - Elfa82

The Terminator - Elfa82

The Worlds End - BigMurph26

This is 40 - Elfa82

This is Spinal Tap - badmonkey0001

Three Amigos - Elfa82

Tombstone - BigMurph26

Top Gun - Jerology

Toy Story - DrRhymes

Treasure Planet - DrRhymes

True Lies - Elfa82

True Lies - Jerology

Uncle Buck - Elfa82

Wake Up, Ron Burgundy - Elfa82

Wayne's World - BigMurph26

Wayne's World - Elfa82

We're The Millers - Jerology

Yes Man - Jerology

Young Frankenstein - Elfa82

Zoolander - Ishnuporah  

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Why are these NSFW so attractive?

Because they're bold?

Yeah must be that.

Ok unbolded.

I was kidding you know -.-

Heh heh, I fell for it!

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