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Spurious Correlations - 20 Insane Things That Correlate With Each Other

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And it's on the rise!

Now that is weird!

Remember: Correlation is not causation!

Mark Zuckerberg skiing, anyone?

mark zuckerberg skiing gif Imgur facebook stock $FB funny

Moguls on moguls.  I love it.

Lol at moguls on moguls!

This one is quite curious


and this one:


Stop eating fake food, and stay married?

Ha ha - that one's my second favorite, because Nicolas Cage.

What this teaches us is to question any correlates statistics.

Because there's a chance that the numbers track because coincidence.

Good point, if you look enough you will find correlations in many things. 

Or to put it another way: if you look too hard you'll see patterns that don't actually exist.

Or to put it ANOTHER way, fun with data visualization.

Here's what being redditted did to his website yesterday:

Hey /r/dataisbeautiful, I'm the guy who made all those spurious correlation charts. Here's what you did to my site traffic and how you influenced linking at other sites. - Imgur

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