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I demand a trial by combat. ~Tyrion Lannister S4E6

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Tyrion's speech from the books:

tyrion lannister trial speech quote meme Game of Thrones S4E6 laws of gods and men Imgur

I saved you all, Tyrion thought. I saved this vile city and all your worthless lives. There were hundreds in the throne room, every one of them laughing but his father. Or so it seemed. Even the Red Viper chortled, and Mace Tyrell looked like to bust a gut, but Lord Tywin Lannister sat between them as if made of stone, his fingers steepled beneath his chin.

Tyrion pushed forward. "MY LORDS!" he shouted. He had to shout, to have any hope of being heard.

His father raised a hand. Bit by bit, the hall grew silent.

"Get this lying whore out of my sight," said Tyrion, "and I will give you your confession."

Lord Tywin nodded, gestured. Shae looked half in terror as the gold cloaks formed up around her. Her eyes met Tyrion's as they marched her from the wall. Was it shame he saw there, or fear? He wondered what Cersei had promised her. You will get the gold or jewels, whatever it was you asked for, he thought as he watched her back recede, but before the moon has turned she'll have you entertaining the gold cloaks in their barracks.

Tyrion stared up at his father's hard green eyes with their flecks of cold bright gold. "Guilty," he said, "so guilty. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

Lord Tywin said nothing. Mace Tyrell nodded. Prince Oberyn looked mildly disappointed. "You admit you poisoned the king?"

"Nothing of the sort," said Tyrion. "Of Joffrey's death I am innocent. I am guilty of a more monstrous crime." He took a step toward his father. "I was born. I lived. I am guilty of being a dwarf, I confess it. And no matter how many times my good father forgave me, I have persisted in my infamy."

"This is folly, Tyrion," declared Lord Tywin. "Speak to the matter at hand. You are not on trial for being a dwarf."

"That is where you err, my lord. I have been on trial for being a dwarf my entire life."

"Have you nothing to say in your defense?"

"Nothing but this: I did not do it. Yet now I wish I had." He turned to face the hall, that sea of pale faces. "I wish I had enough poison for you all. You make me sorry that I am not the monster you would have me be, yet there it is. I am innocent, but I will get no justice here. You leave me no choice but to appeal to the gods. I demand trial by battle."

"Have you taken leave of your wits?" his father said.

"No, I've found them. I demand trial by battle!"

tyrion lannister trial speech quote meme Game of Thrones 4x06 laws of gods and men Imgur

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Tyrion's speech in episode 4x06:

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This line from 3x10 really worked against him:

kings are dying like flies gif Imgur Tyrion Game of Thrones 3x10

Tyrion quote watching your vicious bastard die gave me more relief than a thousand lying whores meme Game of Thrones 4x06 laws of gods and men Imgur

I demand a trial by combat meme Tyrion Lannister trial Game of Thrones 4x06 laws of god and men

What really made this scene were the expressions.

Tywin Tyrion trial speech gif Imgur game of Thrones 4x06 laws of gods and men

Students at finals time:

Tyrion trial meme I demand finals by combat Imgur [S4E6 SPOILERS] How Westeros Does Finals - Imgur

Not just Tyrion and Tywin but everyone.

Tywin no wall for you meme Imgur expressions of what they were thinking trial scene Game of Thrones 4x06 laws of gods and men

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