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WATCH: Strangers ignore ‘homeless’ man, help man in business suit

WATCH: Strangers ignore âhomeless' man, help man in business suit - National |

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I guess people have a lot of trouble wanting to deal with the homeless man?

The homeless dressed man sends off a lot of visual cues, that for our safety we should steer clear of people that look disheaveled.  This wouldn't happen in the Yanomami culture ;)   The  person in the waiting room, I don't understand, maybe it's not uncommon for them to have patients lying on the floor?

Maybe it's not even a safety thing -- maybe it's a people not wanting to get involved thing.

Yes in someone else's drama, because I don't EVER lay on the ground in public no matter how bad a condition I'm in!  So what kind of person would do that?  Someone outside the norm of modern human behavior? 

Sometimes we don't have a choice, we pass out and drop to the ground unconscious, this is not the case with the disheveled guy, he is moaning and asking for help, he doesn't appear as if he couldn't stand, he is just overwhelmed with what ails him, and has given into it, can't take it anymore.

Then you have the business suit guy, same drop to knees and lowered to the ground, and people definitely approach him more, he seems the kind of guy that wouldn't go down on knees, if he had any choice.

A lot of subtle perceptions that all add up to our decision to approach or not.

It really makes me question my own prejudices.

Why am I so much more willing to stop for the person who recently fell?

Because I believe he can recover?

Because I fear it could happen to me?

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