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Observable Universe.

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Anyone else feel very, very small after looking at this or watching Powers of Ten?

Is this just me or 10 sec per power of 10 feels too slow?... 35 years later after 1977, I would make it like 5 sec.

I also would like to see the whole thing in 5 seconds. Couldn't find that.

How about 21 seconds, Sergey?

Another universe in perspective infographic:


Our place in the universe ....

I seem to have lost our place in the universe. Where are we?

I can only speak for myself. I am (in) the center of the universe.

You are (in) the center of (YOUR) universe. :)

I didn't want to sound grandiose by using a personal pronoun. I'll go small: the WORLD is MY oyster.

The world is your oyster, and you are the pearl.

In Xanadu did Kublai Khan a Pandadome erect!

This is the forest primeval, the murmuring rhymes with "the hemlocks".

I'm not convinced anything rhymes with "the hemlocks".

"Ahem - cocks?". (easy peasy)

I would never have come up with that. Not in a thousand years. :)

LOL. It's a gift.

:-) <-- Forgot to add.

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Very Zen of you. :)

If by "zen" you mean both meanings of the word "dumb", then yeah. :-)

No, I mean Zen. :)

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