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5 Foods with More Protein Than an Egg

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Laura Tedesco talks about greek yogurt, pumpkin seeds, roasted soybeans, gruyere cheese, and... dried spirulina?!

Eggs are the poster child for protein—you need only watch Sylvester Stallone chugging raw eggs as Rocky Balboa for proof. And the reputation is well-earned: A single hard-boiled egg packs six grams of protein, all in a convenient, portable package.

What the little white orbs don't deserve is a monopoly on your protein consumption—there are other equally delicious ways to load up on the muscle-building nutrient. In fact, these five foods all have more protein than an egg: 

dried spirulina yum imgur

Dried Spirulina 

Fish aren't the only ocean fare packed with protein: Just two tablespoons of this dried seaweed contain an amazing eight grams of protein—all for just 40 calories. Hint: Try sprinkling spirulina over a salad, or use it to season roasted vegetables. 

roasted soybeans yum imgur

Roasted Soybeans

A quarter cup of this snack houses 15 grams of protein, along with a sizable dose of fiber and potassium. It's the perfect ingredient to include in a homemade trail mix. 

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greek yogurt yum imgur

Greek Yogurt

When it comes to protein, plain nonfat Greek yogurt knocks it out of the park: Those little plastic cups contain 17 grams of protein for only 100 calories.

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gruyere cheese yum imgur

Gruyere Cheese

An ounce of gruyere -- a deliciously rich variety of Swiss cheese -- has more than eight grams of protein. Just watch your portions, though: While a one-ounce serving contains a reasonable 117 calories, it can be easy to consume several portions if you aren't careful.

dried pumpkin seeds yum imgur

Dried Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds may be best known for their magnesium, but they're also a rich source of protein: 10 grams per quarter cup.

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