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Spinning a Yarn... Most amazing detail of emotional conveyance in stop motion...

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I remember the rock band James from the 1990s. Cool!

Moving On is the latest stop-motion video from BAFTA-nominated animator, writer, and director Ainslie Henderson. The clip was created as a music video for British rock band James and tells a story of life and death through characters depicted with yellow yarn. Sad, but wonderfully done. (via Jason Sondhi)

Thanks for sharing this, Greg. AWESOME video:

oh that video is so sad and so beautiful. was that a parent letting go of her child? that was intense.

Yes, it was a parent letting go. Very sad. And it stands up to multiple viewings.

it's too sad! it made me cry the second time. the part where the mom holds the last bit of the yarn in her hand is heart-wrenching.

but it is nice that the dancing woman gets a new baby from the child's life-yarn.

who knew a bunch of yellow yarn could get so deep? :)

The key to good storytelling is that emotional connection.

Whether it's people or animals or yarn, it's the emotions in motion that pull us into the story.

Every time I watch it I get teary eyed, too. I feel the loss the parent is going through.

It's balanced by the happy tears for the parent who is holding a newborn, too.

This video gives me The Feels!

totally.  the feels!  the feels!

And yet, here I go watching it again...

James has come a long way since 1989 when they released "Sit Down":

That's 25 years ago!

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