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Game of Thrones, NBA Edition

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The Spurs as White Walkers - fun.

This video stands up to multiple watches. 

I love Steph Curry in it. And also, of course, LeBron. 

I'm HUGE for LeBron, because Miami.

Is it me or has this year been one giant setup for a rematch of last year's Spurs-Heat final?

And this time, the Spurs want revenge for game 6.

Gosh, I hope the Spurs aren't denied two years in a row.  That would be AWFUL.

No way to tell how the Spurs will handle the Heat this year, until it actually happens.

Even last year, by the third quarter of Game 6 it looked like the Spurs had it. And they didn't.

It ain't over till it's over.

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