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Smooth Kid gives Decoy Baseball to Pretty Lady Vine

thats my boy meme imgur Smooth Kid gives Decoy Baseball to Pretty Lady Vine Toronto Texas 2014

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Here's the Vine, a perfect 5 seconds:

Reddit comment:

Smoothest part is that he didn't even give her the ball he caught, he gave her one he already had, and kept the one he caught for himself.

More comments:

More Reddit comments:

His wing man is getting no credit here. He's the one that points at the girl and says, "Dude, give it to her." Meanwhile his partner collects all the plaudits and all the chick karma. I applaud you wing man. You set your buddy up without fanfare and he scored an easy slam dunk.


Man, there is so much that happened in that short clip. This is one of the few clips I've seen worth watching multiple times.

So just to sum up all the stuff I've seen

Kid gave away a decoy ball

Black kid wingman was quite possibly the one who suggested which girl to give it to

Red haired girl thought she was being offered the ball and tried to say you keep it but broke up laughing as soon as she realized it was being offered to the other girl

Gay guy is super touched by the whole thing

Dad is like, "THAT'S MY SON!"

In addition to the slick catch...

There are four elements that make this incredible, perhaps the greatest 5-second video of all time:

  1. The fact that the kid gives the girl the ball, of course.
  2. The incredible slight of hand he performs by giving her the ball he already had in his hand.
  3. The guy in the red polo. That face, priceless.
  4. The most subtle part: the kid in the Under Armour shirt is totally in on it. He points backwards at the girls.And then, that grin.

A true masterpiece.

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