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Pitching injuries have become a big problem - Boston Globe

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Red Sox manager John Farrell said the other day that there’s been discussion about lowering the mound, which would reduce stress on the shoulder and elbow by reducing some of the downward force.

It also would likely produce more offense, as pitches would come in “flatter” because the starting trajectory wouldn’t be able to create the movement pitchers now have on cutters, sliders, and changeups.

Red Sox pitching coach Juan Nieves feels you’d be robbing Peter to pay Paul and is opposed to lowering the mound.

“Of course there’s more torque on the back and therefore the shoulder has more stress on it with the higher mound,” he said, “but I think if you lowered it you’d have guys trying to throw even harder and therefore hurting themselves even more.”

Nieves’s recommendation for reducing pitching injuries?

It does sound like lowering the mound is a bad idea.

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