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NBC Olympics needs NASA Mars technology.

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I believe that @amattn is the origin of this meme.

An illustration of how much #NBCsucks:

1. They delay every interesting event but spoil them anyway.

2. They didn't show Usain Bolt live.

3. They only care about money.

4. They took down Missy Franklin's Call Me Maybe video.

5. NBC doesn't care that you want to watch the Olympics live on TV.

6. NBC 6 hour delay for an event 3500 miles away.

Whereas NASA 14 MINUTE delay fit an event 155 MILLION miles away.

Yeah, NBC sucks. NBC needs NASA technology.


LOL. This is precious.

I acfually think their biggest fail is not posting the TV time of an event.

The main events are simply "8-12pm," leaving the viewer to sift through four hours of events to see one event (e.g. 100m final).

Oh man, don't get me started.

I waited 3+ hours to see a 10 second event.


And they won, because you watched all their commercials.

Nope, I Tivo'd in real time, started a half hour late, and fast forwarded through every commercial.

In your face, NBC!!

On the other hand, I waited 3+ hours to see a 44 second event.

Well played, NBC. Well played.

Hahaha. :) Whatever happened that one-hundredth of a second commercial with morgan freeman?

2.5 million views:

I love Morgan Freeman's voice.

Amazing video. I get chills watching.

Nike Find Greatness is at 4.3m views.

Great commercial. Now if NBC could find greatness.

But they can't.

I've laughed so hard from the pandawhale conversations today! That one is truly hilarious.

Was watching (on mute) women's beach volleyball as I wait for 1500m final and Lolo Jones. Googled Lolo Jones to verify she was in the final and google news told me the result. #nbcfail

Chuck Norris has already been to Mars. That is why there are no signs of life there.

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