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Nothing is just nothing. ~Arya Stark gif


Thank you LookMaImRoadkill for this gif.

Arya Stark nothing gif Imgur Game of Thrones 4x07 mockingbird nothing isn't better or worse than anything nothing is just nothing

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Reddit comment:

I personally feel that's one of the best things she could have said. He's fearful of death, and she's laying down the law. There's no reason to be afraid. You will not exist. There will be neither pain nor joy. There will be nothing. Nothing is nothing. Now let my dude end you right quick because we're legit bros and we got shit to do.

It will feel the same as it felt before you were born.

"Dyin' is thirsty work" is my new toast.

Just don't make that toast around The Hound.

So... nothing from nothing leaves nothing, right?

Billy Preston intersecting Game of Thrones?!  Are you a wizard?  

That was pretty magical, I gotta admit.

P.S.  Arya Stark has the same perception of death as Tony Soprano.

a lot can happen between now and never meme Lord Petyr Baelish quote Game of Thrones S4E7 Mockingbird Imgur

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