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Could this be the first drinkable sunscreen?

Could this be the first drinkable sunscreen Telegraph


The days of asking a friend to rub suncream on your back or waiting for your lotion to "sink in" to avoid a sandy situation could be numbered, as a US skincare company claim to have created a drinkable suncream.

Osmosis Skincare claim their product, named Harmonised H20 UV protection, can provide sun protection up to factor 30. Those who make the product, which is available to buy, claim that once the elixir is ingested, molecules of the product vibrate on the skin to cancel out 97 per cent of UVA and UVB rays.

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At first I thought:  What! drink your sunscreen!  Then I remembered this other product I had heard about on Amazon, and it has really good reviews.

Sunscreen in a pill?! Whoa.

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