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America's First Beer Archive Tapping Into Hop History

America s First Beer Archive Tapping Into Hop History Modern Farmer


Colleges and beer are no strangers. But Oregon State University is putting an academic spin on the relationship between higher education and booze with their new Oregon Hops & Brewing Archives (OHBA).

With over 200 breweries, Oregon is often considered the craft beer capital of America. Beer geeks and casual drinkers across the country can thank the state’s farmers for their brews. Hops, the essential ingredient that gives beer its bitter flavor, is a rare crop throughout the U.S., but not in Oregon. The state has a long history of growing hops thanks to a climate perfectly suited to the plant. And Tiah Edmunson-Morton, the archivist in charge of OHBA, wants to shine a spotlight on that history.

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I wonder why Oregon attracts so many microbrews. 

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