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Snoop Dogg + Game of Thrones = Game of Thrizzle

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Daenizzle Stormbizzle, of Hizzie Targizzle, Brizeaker of Chizzles, Motha of Drizzles...

The unbizzurnt.

Fire+Blood are my words, now ya heard, shitting on slaver turds. Thought dragons were endangered species, please B, you can call me Khaleesi.

I conquer like Aegon, mount like Drogo, mother of dragons make slaves shout "Yolo".

Found that song on YouTube:

Alternatively, Wiz Khaleesi:

Wiz Khaleesi meme Imgur Mother of Dragons Daenerys Wiz Khalifa Game of tThrones S1E10

Snoop dogg umbrella fo drizzle meme funny Imgur

snoop dogg hand me my chisel meme funny Imgur

snoop dogg giraffe gif Imgur

snoop dogg lion game of thrones tyrion meme Imgur

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