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Riding a Motorcycle with a GoPro‚ĄĘ

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Not everyone would have the confidence to take this kind of selfie. 

like geege, i can't... stop... watching...

hahaha!  hilarious!

i think the yellow is my favorite.  those look like happy buns!

They do! At first I thought these were all the same person but now I'm not sure.

Emily, that does look like one happy heiny.  I've named the second one "Raggedy Ass".  Yes, I've NAMED them.

hahahahahaha!  geeeeeeege!

"raggedy ass" is perfect!

the penultimate could be "badonk adonk bonk." 

adam, i think they have to be the same person.  that heiny has a distinct look!

Emily, I think you should write a heiny book!

hahaha!!  heinies!  (that should be the title!)

When i'm having a bad day I sit and watch this and realize there is still good in the world.

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