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MIT Designs a Transformable Apartment


"One potential scenario for the CityHome is where the bedroom transforms to a home gym, the living room to a dinner party space for 14 people, a suite for four guests, two separate office spaces plus a meeting space, or an open loft space for a large party," MIT Media Lab says in its description of the project. "Each occupant engages in a process to personalize the precise design of the wall units according to his or her unique activities and requirements." The goal is to make CityHome just 840 square feet in size, but capable of effectively adding two to three times that much space to an apartment.

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840 square feet sounds like a dorm room.

We'll know this experiment is ready for prime time when MIT sets up a dorm this way...

You do you, but when Halibutboy needs to throw a BANQUET for 14 people, he reserves a room at a nice Chinese restaurant.

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