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Sebastian Junger: Why veterans miss war

Source: YouTube Video

Good overall talk by Sebastian. I'm not sure if I agree with the implication that helping veterans like war less will help "solve" war. Going to war is a not a military decision, it's a civilian decision (the US President). Military only provides the execution, not the decision making in going to war.

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It must be frustrating to be in the military and take orders from a civilian.

It's been determined that this is the best arrangement:

One can't join the military and not be cool with being under civilian control. That's why the President is the commander in chief. 

Thanks for that Wikipedia link.

What I find fascinating about that writeup is that the Founding Fathers did not want a standing army.

Yet here we are with a military industrial complex that goes out of its way to find reasons for war.

Even with -- especially with? -- a civilian commander. 

Good day to re-post this.

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