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When Cannabis Goes Corporate in Canada

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Canada has decided to go with a federal license for medical marijuana producers, leaving them free to stamp out small growers and home gardeners.

Why do they have a problem with small growers and home gardeners???


"“That was really important for us as investors,” said Brendan Kennedy, chief executive of Privateer Holdings, a marijuana private equity fund based in Seattle that started Tilray, one of Canada’s new legal growers. “People talk about the Colorado model; people talk about the Washington model. I think someday they’ll talk about the Canada model. By creating a tightly regulated federal system, by creating a federal license, by making it difficult to navigate in and capital-intensive, Canada has attracted a different kind of player into this industry.”

There's a marijuana private equity fund?!?!?!

Now I'm curious how the Colorado and Washington models differ.

wow. this is taking weed to a whole new level.

i just have to say: i love the guy, the regular townsperson, who says, "i think it's a horrible idea. more of a reason for people to break in and do all different kinds of drugs around smith falls, here." 


break in where, exactly?  the weed vault?  not likely, dude.  and then what?  use the notorious "gateway drug" to quickly move on to crystal meth and heroine, perhaps while still in the vault?  hahaha!  i watched him three times just so i could get another giggle!!  he should start a smith falls comedy troupe.

Emily, you make me laugh. It's amazing how much society has impressed on us that marijuana is as bad as all the other drugs, and that somehow alcohol is much much safer. Neither of those seem true.

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