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More than half of new teachers quit their jobs within 4 years.

more than half of new teachers quit their jobs within 4 years factoid meme fact Imgur

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Source is Eric Barker's post on bad decision making: 

With careers:

More than half of teachers quit their jobs within four years. In fact, one study in Philadelphia schools found that a teacher was almost two times more likely to drop out than a student.

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PandaWhale discussion:

Cameron Diaz photo is from the movie Bad Teacher:

Cameron Diaz hot Bad Teacher Imgur

uh oh.  you'll have to count me in on those stats!  i was a spanish teacher for only 2 years.

Are you willing to say why you stopped?

it just wasn't quite right for me.  i loved the kids and i loved teaching, but i knew if i stayed i would never leave, and it didn't feel like my destiny.

That's a good reason to stop.

I think many who start teaching realize it is unfulfilling to them.

yes. like cameron's face in that photo.  she nailed "unfulfilled"!!

She did! Unfortunately she doesn't have the good sense to quit in the movie.

i haven't seen it yet.  is it good?  the trailer looks funny.

another one that was REALLY funny: bad words.  i HIGHLY recommend it!!

Bad Teacher is good but not great so it helps to watch with lower expectations.

I haven't seen Bad Words. Will look for it.

it's jason bateman at his best!

That's good. I love him in Arrested Development.

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