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Don't be an idiot - Technology etiquette for business

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Look up from your screen.

1. Put down your phone / tablet / laptop. A big complaint we hear in business is that we spend too much time in meetings. I believe if attendees were to put down their technology and focus, meetings could be concluded much faster. (See Christian Clapton's example in the comments about putting devices in a basket before meetings).

Recently, having conducted a business review with a prospective client, I arranged a presentation of LinkedIn's Talent Solutions . During the meeting the business owner and decision maker was using his smartphone. I stopped the presentation and asked him if he had something more important to be doing because if so we can rearrange to a more suitable time, or if what we are talking about is not important to his business let’s stop here.Whilst this sounds blunt, I believe time is our most precious commodity, and I don't want to waste anyone's, least of all my own.

Also, send the minimum number of emails possible.

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