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Future of Calif. horse racing at risk as Hollywood Park nears finish line

Future of Calif horse racing at risk as Hollywood Park nears finish line Yahoo News Yahoo News


Still, many were surprised several years ago when rumors began circulating about Hollywood Park’s possible demise. The Hollywood Park Land Co., which purchased the track in 2005, said it would give the facility three years to make enough money to justify sitting on what it says is prime real estate—260 acres located three miles east of the Los Angeles International Airport.

A shaky economy and the collapse of the housing industry bought Hollywood Park a little more time—giving the track’s supporters hope that it might be saved from a wrecking ball that doomed another historic track, Bay Meadows in San Mateo. That facility, located south of San Francisco near Silicon Valley, was demolished in 2008 by the same ownership group that now runs Hollywood Park and replaced with a housing and retail development similar to what’s planned for Inglewood.

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It's hard to make the case for a horsetrack when there's a housing shortage.

I think there use to be a track in Vallejo too, that closed down?  After I watched a special on horse racing:  Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, it looks like these smaller tracks that run horses that do not have any great potential, should shut down, it was pretty horrific what they do to these cheaper level horses, let's just say they are not animal lovers, a horse is purely a commodity :( 

I will boycott all smaller tracks/races/betting until they go to a no drug policy, level the playing field, all horses that need drugs to run, should not run.

24 race horses die/week mostly due to drugs and bad care ie pushing a horse to race when the shouldn't.

Site about the history of drugs in horse racing

I've never seen YouTube so sanitized of a subject.  I could not find any of the films of spills on the track, horse legs broken mid race etc, that were shown on the Real Sports show on YouTube, no spectator films, nothing.

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