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Costolo’s plan to make Twitter all about entertainment makes perfect sense

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Maybe it WOULD make perfect sense if there wasn't solid evidence that Twitter is actually losing ground to Instagram among entertainment celebrities?

Not just Instagram but Facebook and Tencent, too:

That said, Twitter posting among celebrities still is at its all time high.

It's just growing slower than Facebook and Instagram.

Entertainment is Dick Costolo's vision:

Some have said this fill-in-the-blank simplicity of the product is the reason a dysfunctional early life of rotating CEOs didn’t manage to kill the company. And yet, Twitter certainly did change with each of those CEOs.

Under Jack Dorsey, Twitter seemed more about friends knowing where other friends were and what they were doing at any given time. Appropriate since it was the site’s early experimental days and the dawn of social networks, but also appropriate because Dorsey created Twitter out of a strange love for traffic and the courier logistics of complex cities. Under Evan Williams Twitter became a place to discover breaking news. Again, appropriate if you recall that Williams’ whole career is about different ways of disseminating, democratizing, and sharing news and information– whether via Blogger, Twitter or now, Medium.

At Code Conference this week, it occurred to me that Twitter is taking on its third vibe under Dick Costolo: It’s now heavily about entertainment. Costolo spoke about Vine’s ability to unearth talent, the same way YouTube has for years. He spoke about the deep synergies between Twitter and television, Twitter and sports and with Twitter and music. Cozy relationships with producers like Ryan Seacrest, deals with the NBA and with Billboard prove this isn’t happenstance– it’s orchestrated.

And that’s fitting because Costolo is a former stand up comedian, pop cultural enthusiast, and guy who is amused by the little things in life. For christ sake he had Jon Luc Picard help ring Twitter’s opening bell.


Entertainment doesn’t have to pass a pesky bar of truth and it’s far more universal than wanting to know what your friend is doing right now.


And lastly, with “just” 300 million users or so Twitter desparately needs to go mainstream. Like it or not, this is a generation of consumer Web companies graded on the Facebook and LinkedIn curves. You gotta either have the size of the former or the monetization of the latter.

The lowest common denominator on global culture are movies, music, TV, and sports. As his friend Ryan Seacrest can attest, more people vote for American Idol hopefuls than elected officials.

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