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I'd risk everything to get what I want. ~Littlefinger S4E3

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Wait, what?  "TIL Futurama writers do rewrites for GoT (not a bad thing)"

Wait, what?!

I went back and re watched season 1 given what we now know about Littlefinger. 

It all holds together surprisingly well. 

Re Futurama, From season 3:

Edmure: "The gods of laws and men are very clear, no man can compel another man to marry."

Blackfish: "The laws of my fist are about to compel your teeth."

At 2:30. God Blackfish is such a badass, we need him back in the series. 

Also this scene is tough to watch in retrospect:

I wonder if Robin is Littlefinger's son...

I was wondering the same thing!

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