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Narcissists Are Capable of Empathy After All

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Amazing that narcissists actually don't care AT THE PHYSICAL LEVEL. But this research also gives me a smidgen of hope that all those Tweets and blog posts about seeing things from the point of view of the Other (e.g. #yesallwomen) can help!

Actually, it's a promising result that some narcissists can see others.

There's a big difference though between clinical narcissism and the popular perception of narcissism

That's for the brief yet cryptic nerdsplain, dude! Yes there is a big difference... and this is clearly an article about CLINICAL narcissism... so your point is... ?


I honestly don't get it, no matter how much YOU YELL AT ME! Does that mean... clinical narcissists are gonna be narcissistic, but what people think of as narcissists are not actually narcissistic? Narcissists are NOT capable of empathy, they're just fooling these researchers? Narcissists are turtles underneath? Use your words, buddy!

Yeah, this article is about clinical narcissists, not people who are just selfish:

The bottom line, according to Hepper and her colleagues: “The reason for (narcissists’) low empathy is not inability.” Caring about another person’s problems is not their default response, but this study suggests it can be induced by a simple instruction to see things from his or her point of view.

is this rage on PW?

U mad, bro? I'm not! Just trying to get you to elucidate a little more so I can understand the point you're making.

me? =p

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