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Guns don't kill people. George RR Martin kills people. Smashing GRRM also kills beetles...

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He's just smashing the beetles, folks.

Tyrion Jaime smashing beetles gif Imgur Game of Thrones 4x08 the mountain and the viper

Guns don't kill beetles. GRRM does.

GRRM beetles meme George rr Martin G.R.R.M. will kill everyone you love - Imgur

All beetles must die.

GRRM guns dont kill people I kill people meme funny imgur George rr Martin

GRRM, what is best in life?

GRRM Conan the barbarian meme George rr Martin, what is best in life? - Imgur

GRRM meme im not saying all men must die but they must aliens guy George rr Martin imgur

Btw lol at the Imgur comments. 

Game of Thrones - The Mountain and The Viper has the story of the beetles:

Someone in /r/asoiaf pointed out that the scene is a jab at Orson Scott Card, who wrote a negative review of the showing after watching the first 2 episodes, because he doesn't like boobies.

Orson Lannister, a dimwit, smashes beetles/buggers over and over, leaving the observer to wonder, as Tyrion did, what's going on in his mind. Is there a point? Or is Orson just a stupid simpleton?

The post in question:

The beetle smashing is noted to be a mockery of the premise of Ender's Game.

The GRRM reaper!

GRRM reaper meme Kung Khuu killing beetles Imgur