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If Tyrion dies, we complain online and tune in next week.

if Tyrion dies we complain online and tune in next week meme Imgur Game of Thrones funny

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In response to "If Tyrion dies we riot":

Complaining online and tuning in anyway is much more realistic (and practical!) than rioting.

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S4 E8 Let s be honest with ourselves gameofthrones

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It would be fun for me if Tyrion joined the Night's Watch.

Tyrion and Jon Snow could have adventures together!

Didn't he say when he was talking to Jaime before the trial that he could never live that life?

And Samwell!

We've already had fun with Arya and the Hound.

Now we're ready for Jon, Sam, and Ty!

Is there even going to BE a Night's Watch after Mance Rayder and 100,000 Wildlings take a run at the Wall?

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