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Audiences Are Finding Diversity at Summer Movies -

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lots of neat movies came out this summer...not just blockbusters

WHEN “Jaws” landed in June 1975, it thrilled so many moviegoers week after hot sticky week that within months it had made box office history. As the critic Tom Shone put it in his book “Blockbuster,” “That’s what America did in the summer of 1975: It watched ‘Jaws.’ ” These days, though, Americans are rarely unified by one must-see movie for long, even when school’s out. When “Marvel’s The Avengers” opened in May, it topped the box office for three weeks until it was toppled by “Men in Black 3,” which held the top spot for two, until it was bested by “Snow White and the Huntsman,” which held on for one. And so it goes as each studio behemoth is bumped by the next in what has become a faster cycle of planned obsolescence.

I guess this means the system is working?

yes...and that our collective attention spans are much, much shorter

True that.

I can't even remember what got us into this discussion in the first place!

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