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Young George RR Martin is like Jon and Sam had a child together. Jonwell Snowly?

Young George RR Martin meme funny Imgur Game of Thrones Jon Sam

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Speculation about what he's holding:

No, it's not a bong, and it's not a dildo he uses to F his fans with.

That's a Hugo and he won one in 1975 and two in 1980.

We're guessing this is the 1975 one.

He's sporting a Fu Manchu mustache!  Definitely 1975.

I wouldn't recognize him if the photo hadn't been labeled. 

Fu Manchu stashes were in in 1975?

That pic .... GRRM is a poster child for 1975.  He's wearing a Nik Nik disco shirt!

Who's Nik Nik?

Lol at this whole thread. :)

There's a lot of good stuff in our archives. 

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