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I sold my startup for $25.5 million. Here’s how I did it.

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I was disappointed by this article:

1. There are only 2 women in a company of 14.

2. He only spent two sentences describing his business and zero sentences on how he got all those customers. 

3. Half the article is spent on the boring process of due diligence. Who cares?

4. If he has all of those customers, why is he selling the company?

Oh come on, Adam!

1. It's not like he was explicitly trying to keep it a 2-to-12 female-to-men ratio. Pretty sure startups at that stage have bigger problems to worry about. Like, surviving. Consider the opposite: if it was an all-women team, then it would look like gender discrimination against men! Gender discrimination is gender discrimination, regardless of which gender it's discriminating against. It's a fact that there's less women in tech than men. 

2. This isn't a "how you go from 0 to $25M exit" recipe.

3. But there's plenty of boring business crap to do that's not sexy, but will make or break the entire company, right?

4. Why did Beats sell with all those customers? Why did [insert whatever company with customers] sell? You know why! :) That's not a valid question!

Heh, ok.

1. It's sad that there are so few women in startups. That said, the author never says why his startup needed 14 people or what all those people do. Are they all engineers? We don't know, because he doesn't really talk about his business, he just talks about getting bought as if that's the most important thing.

2. He never talks about looking for a better deal. Why not?

3. Boring business stuff is fine, but nothing he says in the article is advice. The tl;dr of his article is they tried something, then pivoted, then got 5000 customers, then got a buyout offer, then went through lots of due diligence, then got bought. How about advice for other entrepreneurs?

4. Beats sold because they're passionate about what they can do as part of Apple. I never got the sense that this guy is passionate about what he can do as part of Marin Software. He just seems happy that he got 400 Facebook comments from old teachers and ex crushes.

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