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Use teamwork to make the dream work. #Linsanity

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I love this line from Grantland's Person of Interest: Jeremy Lin:

Basketball is at its best when five guys who love to play with one another outhustle and outplay a more talented opponent.

It's why March Madness still remains a viable institution, despite a gulf of talent separating college ball from the pros. It's why every basketball movie follows the same storyline — some cute cartoons are outmatched by some cartoon aliens. They use teamwork to make the dream work.

The Linsanity Knicks run hard, play unselfishly, chest-bump, and play with a swagger that has nothing to do with the other team.

Sounds like a good rule of thumb for anyone working in a tiny startup.

I, for one, hope Linsanity continues.

It's a great story ... and Lin is from Palo Alto!

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