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Slow Loris eating sticky rice

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They are primates from Southeast Asia:

Slow Loris isn't supposed to eat rice!

slow loris WOOPS gif Imgur

Still, it's so cute that it gets an upvote!

Slow Loris upvote gif Reddit Imgur

Slow Loris also likes bananas and sap.

No way is that thing real. Tell your friends at Pixar they do good work BUT THEY'RE NOT FOOLING ME. :P

Someone needs to make a slow loris movie. That animal is ADORABLE.

MFW I+was+just+diagnosed+with+a+serious+case



If this animal asked me to kill someone I would, no questions asked. ~Mega Man

if this animal asked me to kill someone I would, no questions asked. ~Mega Man on slow loris

Slow Loris loves to be tickled!


Oh no! This video is bad! They're doing bad things to the loris. :(

3000+ Reddit comments:

Slow loris does NOT like tickling.

Tickling is torture for them:

"I pledge not to support and encourage the illegal pet trade in slow lorises. I will not ‘share' or ‘like' any video or photo that shows a slow loris being kept as a pet and, where possible, I will ‘comment' directing people to the International Animal Rescue slow loris rescue information page to help expose the truth and end the suffering."

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