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Baby goats

baby goats stampede gif Imgur

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That last one, the one that hits the brakes and looks into the camera!  So cute!!

How did it know to stop??

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baby goat stampede youre next gif Imgur

Bloodsport you are next gif Imgur

Owie my sides hurt!

I think that goat has watched one too many movies. :)

Goats are cute :)

Totes McGoats!

cute baby goat gif Imgur

oh, baby goats!  i used to live next to a goat farm.  it was very distracting!!  they are painfully cute!

They are! Best distraction ever!!

cute baby goat stampede gif Imgur

cow you want some of this gif Imgur huh what nah bitch didn't think so

and this cow is too good!!  i love the huh, huh, what, what?

Yeah, the narration makes the funny cow movements even funnier.

totally.  and the way the words jump around like the cow's head!

Yes! I wish I knew which gif artist made this one so I could thank her or him.

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