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Bloomberg built a virtual trading terminal using Oculus Rift

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I think it would drive me crazy to have that many screens at once.

The greater the screens the simpler the understanding of the message.  This reminds me of the movie Gamer.   

Or Minority Report?

Everyone keeps mentioning Minority Report.  Oblong was the company that was founded by two MIT media guys that was the inspiration for that movie.  I interviewed at Oblong a few years ago and met the founders.  I actually sent them this clip afterwards. 

Neat. So what you're saying is that there's a giant feedback loop conspiring to make it all real?

Hmm, Oculus and Oblong are two very companies doing two very different things.  I'm guessing that between the two of them, the "digital bubble" concept could very easily be real with technology right now. 

And we shall call the software... Obulus!

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